Troy Anthony Miller, Creativity Specialist

Writing Resume & Portfolio

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Writing Resume & Portfolio

Journalism, marketing, website content, interactive design documents, educational and technical scripts.

As a creative writer, my philosophy is to first find the story in whatever it is I am writing, no matter how dry or technical the content inherently is. There is always a story, and story is what engages the reader and creates a bond to the material. Next, where appropriate, I adopt a writing style that is more conversational than academic, to involve the reader in a more meaningful way — a dialogue as opposed to a text book. If humor can be introduced at all, this also keeps the reader’s interest and helps create a learning or informational experience that is “sticky” — one that lingers in the memory and creates real and lasting knowledge.

Writing Resume = Click to view my resume, detailing my career highlights as a writer, specific and unique skill sets, and creative achievements.

Writing Portfolio = Click to view my portfolio, demonstrating my creative writing approach across a variety of writing assignments, and for a varied array of professional organizations.

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