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Instructional Designer Resume & Portfolio

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Design documents, interactive scripts, informational web content, storyboards and technical specs.

As an instructional designer for interactive media, my approach is to collaborate with key stakeholders as to the goals of the learning application (standardized test help for high schoolers, supplemental curriculum for at-risk students, workplace compliance training for adults, etc.), the demographic of the learner (low-income workers, executives, students at rural schools, etc.), and the environment in which the learning will take place (instructor-lead group classroom, school computer lab, at workplace computer, at home, etc.).

Then, my key philosophy to design is two-old:

Find the story in the material, offering an engagement that involves the learner in the narrative someway
Develop a conversation with the learner, so that the teacher-student wall is broken down — when possible, the tone is light, casual and humorous

This approach creates learning that is “sticky” — the part of the brain that retains learned knowledge is activated in a stronger way when the learning is fun and personalized.

Instructional Design Resume = Click to view my resume, detailing my career highlights as a instructional designer and writer, specific and unique skill sets, and creative achievements.

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