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Pitch Prep

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The ins and outs of pitching your idea.

At the Austin Film Festival’s annual Pitch Competition, I have been a finalist six times, and four of those times I have placed in the top three. Most screenwriters haven’t had the opportunity to also be trained in improvisation like I have — and that’s the difference. My vast 10-plus years of experience as a performer and teacher of improv (to hundreds of individuals and companies like Google, Whole Foods and Dell) coupled with my work as a writer and screenplay analyst have given me the skills to comfortably pitch stories to any number of individuals for any length of time.

I can teach you how to find the heart of your story and thus the heart of your pitch, as well as how to read your audience and adjust on the fly, be more relaxed and confident, manage your fear and anxiety (and not the other way around), and ultimately be your own, true, passionate self.

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Screenplay Analysis

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Screenplay consulting: craft and story analysis

I have not only written half a dozen feature-length screenplays (including THE HITCH, now being developed by Frank Darabont’s company Darkwoods Productions), but I have been a reader for the Austin Film Festival’s screenplay competition for 6 years. I have read and provided coverage on over 400 scripts at all levels of the prestigious festival.

I can assist you with any phase of the writing process, providing you real, constructive feedback on: idea generation, story structure, character development, beginnings that will wow, endings that will soar, dramatic escalation and more. My perspective is unique in that I come from an improvisational theatre background, and can provide you with improv techniques and theories that will absolutely take your writing to the next level.

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